The entrance test

“Hey buddy! Tomorrow is my entrance test. Will you give me a ride?” Sam’s call woke up Darren. 

“Sure! I’ll be  happy to help. I will pick you up at your lodgings,” Darren replied cheerfully, although, not fully awake. 

He went to church that day, a place he had never been for years and repented for his sins. But, strangely, when he returned, he was a changed man. A shadow of doubt showed up on his face, again.

“Please hurry! Only ten minutes before the exam commences!” They heard one of the watchmen shout, as they reached the gate of Barnett’s.

They were the last ones to arrive, but, it was not Darren’s fault, Sam had insisted him to report just 25 minutes before and he had managed to save 10 minutes owing to rash driving. 

“Stop punishing your throat! You fool! Don’t you see? I am ten minutes early. I was planning to come here a minute before test commences,” Sam swore at the watchman and he could only gape in awe. 

“I will be back in three hours to pick you up,” Darren remarked, calming the heat of the situation. 

“I hope you can wait for an hour. Can’t you? I will be done by then,” Sam replied confidently, still staring at the watchman. 

The watchman returned a fierce stare at him. He had come for an entrance test like this? Collars raised, no sign of a tie! Although, he was the smartest guy, the watchman had seen till now, but, his attitude disgraced his innocent look. It was the most reputed school in the city, how could he make fun of it. But, a smile appeared on his face.

“I will see boy, whether you have the same confidence on the day of results. I will be pleased to see you there,” he mocked.

Sam returned a smile.

Whole three hours passed before Sam got out along with others, looking angry and constantly swearing at the school. 

“What happened, Mr. Bad ass! You look tense. Were questions too tough?” Seeing him like that, watchman mocked at him.

“Damn them! Damn them all! First they humiliated me with these next to nothing questions and then when I finished, they won’t let me leave my seat.” He swore at the school again.

“Hey Darren! Are you sure there are no better schools in this town?” Sam shouted.

Watchman’s face was worth looking at.

After a week results were announced and the newspapers read,

 ‘Two students, namely Parnell and Sam, score perfectly in Barnett’s entrance test. 

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