The first day at school

​It was the first day of school, and three bullies namely Ivan, Joseph and Martha awaited a subservient newcomer who would potentially, run errands for them. Suddenly Martha’s eyes came across a boy, he seemed a typical nerd, his eyes buried in books, even though he was on his way to classroom. He was too engrossed in his studies to respond to anyone who greeted him. He was pretty popular of course, having scored perfectly in the entrances. 

She exclaimed, “We’ve got our pet! Come! Quick! Hurry!” 

“Where? Where?” All the bullies rushed towards her.

“It has to be him. Isn’t it Martha?” Ivan said grasping Sam’s collar.

“Actually, I was talking about him,” Martha pointed at Parnell.

“Doesn’t matter!” Ivan replied carelessly.

“Whoa! Watch your moves Ivan. You might end up scaring him on the very first day.” Joseph warned.

“So pet! What’s your name, by the way?” He asked his newfound victim. 

“Sam, Sam Danes,” Sam replied overconfidently. 

“Hmm.. I’m impressed.  But, we don’t want you to behave like that,” Ivan threatened.

“Sorry to say, pet! but you got pretty bad luck today. You are supposed to be our latest plaything and we are going to make sure you never get bored,” Joseph said smilingly. 

“Although we have no intention of making your first day in our school itself a nightmare, but , be pretty sure the other days will be something you can’t even imagine.” Martha mocked at Sam.

“And what if, I say your luck is worse than me,” Sam replied continuing exchange of smiles.

They all started laughing. 

“Don’t go gentle with our victims. Have you forgotten all about our rules,” With these words Ivan struck a hard blow on Sam’s face.

“Have you got any idea about the consequences?” Sam replied, wiping his drooling lips. 

It was Joseph’s turn to strike. 

“See my dear; I need to remind you that your very next blow, won’t be a good omen for you. It’s a humble request, don’t make my first day here, yours last. I’m looking forward to having a great time together,”  Sam again replied to this blow smilingly, though in great pain.

“Stop manipulating me! I am ready to bear consequences,” Martha dealt another blow, this time to his chest and Sam toppled from the impact. 

“I know what the future awaits. In a few seconds from now on, our respected headmaster will be passing by and you will all get caught. You will get suspended straightaway.” Unable to get up and blood rushing out from his bruised lips, he literally had to force these words from his mouth.

“Mr. Barnett will never come this way. It is our lair. Perhaps I should strike you the fourth time, to make sure that your forecast sees dirt along with you,” Ivan mocked.

They all laughed again, but Ivan felt a hand grasping his outstretched fist, as he was readying himself to deal some serious damage to Sam.

Of course, it was Mr. Barnett, their headmaster with a devil’s wrath on his face. 

“What the hell are you doing?” His loud voice lashed at their ears, perhaps even damaging their eardrum. 

“S..sir we er.. We were preparing for the drama,” Martha tried to put forward an explanation. 

“Don’t try to befool me. I can see how hard he is hit. We don’t do that in a drama, do we?  Now, listen well, You three have been a constant menace in this school, and excused so many times, expecting some improvement, but I am unable to see that. So I have decided that, we must get rid of you. Report an hour later in my office!” Mr. Barnett commanded.

“For what?” Joseph asked almost sobbing.

“To collect your suspension letter. Meanwhile we will make sure your parents are informed, so that they too arrive in time to receive you. We don’t want our students roaming down the streets,” Mr. Barnett commanded once more showing no signs of mercy. 

Joseph turned back at once towards Sam.

“You know the future, don’t you? Please help us get through this problem,” he pleaded.

“Unfortunately there is no way out. You have wasted your chance,” Sam said, turning towards his classroom. 

“Please! Don’t you turn your back away,” Martha pleaded, “Please! For God’s sake! Help us!” 

An insidious smile cruised through Sam’s face and he whispered to himself as he continued towards his classroom. Foolish girl! These fools didn’t knew what they were messing with, huh! The god himself. Fools! They are going to worship me one day, whole world is going to worship me. There will be no bias, no discrimination, because there will be only one god, only one religion. Yeah! And that’ll be me. I’ll rule this world. Oh! I can’t wait to see this happening. The world will run as smoothly as it can. No crime, no sorrow, a perfect world. 

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© 2017 Rishav K Singh. All rights reserved.

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