The expression for the future

The next day, Sam went as per the routine he had already devised. First class, Mr. Moore, computer science, he paid full attention. Then it was Miss Christine, chemistry, he escaped to library, took  out his diary and set writing. Miss José, the librarian thought of him as a studious student and never even came to inspect what he was doing. 

In Mr. Louis’ literature class, he wrote again, taking utmost care to match his rhythm. He paused as soon as Mr. Louis finished his sentence, though he was not done yet. Sitting at the second last desk provided substantial cover, but, he was not taking any chances. 

Chris Halls, the head of nerds, approached Sam as soon as the bell rang.

“Do you need a helping hand?” He said, patting Sam’s shoulder.

 “What?” exclaimed Sam, startled by sudden touch. 

“Thanks for the offer pal! Why would I need a help now? It’s just the beginning of year. But, I will make sure to contact you as soon as I need any,” Sam said gently, composing himself again.

“I saw you struggling over a problem, whole of Mr. Louis’ class. That’s why I came here. Perhaps, you don’t know, but solving questions give me goosebumps, the more complicated they are, the better,” Halls said, bouncing with joy.

Sam had been pretty reserved until now, talking to no one except Lisa. But then, he thought about all the services he could avail from him, friendship with him was reasonably profitable. 

“Hey! What are you thinking?” Chris pressed him to speak.

 “Oh Yeah! I got it, you love solving questions and here’s your latest adversary, the question I was stuck upon.” Sam wrote something on his notebook and  pushed it towards Chris.

“Questions are more of like friends to me,” Chris answered cheekily, taking  the notebook, 

But, he couldn’t understand a thing.

“Well pal, I don’t remember reading about such a thing in my whole life. It’s out of syllabus.” Chris expressed his frustration after reading the problem many times.

“Well, no problem, Parnell will definitely help me out.” Sam replied, trying to prove that Parnell was better than him.

The truth is that Sam had never as much as turned the pages of his school books and had no idea about the topics covered in them. He was too engrossed in his plan, the plan of becoming the God! 

 “Oh! I forgot I was talking to the genius who scored perfectly in the entrance test and another genius is just over there. But, I study for scoring marks, not for my pleasure,” Chris said replying to his insult. 

 “Hey Chris! I never intended to insult you. I have always counted you as one of my friends,” Sam apologized.

“It would be nice to be friends with one of the most intelligent brains around here,” Chris replied gaily.

Sam took a sigh of relief. What was he doing? Trying to insult, a pawn who could be so crucial for his success? He was head of the nerds and hanging out with him will make sure that no teacher ever doubts him. But now, the damage was repaired and he had more important things to think about.

In fact, he was busy in deriving one of the most lengthy and irrelevant expression, a teenager would aspire for. He had derived 3 parts of it and only the 4th part remained. He had already wasted fifteen notebooks on this beast of a formula with last part alone taking seven of them, but still incomplete. The formula itself was more than two pages long without the last part. God knows what it was, but from Sam’s face, you could tell that it was worth the pains he was taking.

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  1. teslasbookshelf says:

    I just finished reading the story up until now in one setting. I’m loving the apocalyptic vibe of the Prologue mixed with the normalcy we see in the main plot of the story. Sam must be watched very closely. This kid has plans, and I can’t wait to see how they tie up with what went down in the prologue. I’m looking forward to the upcoming chapters!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Rishav says:

      Hope you’re enjoying the ride.

      Liked by 1 person

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