The god of death

Sam was informed about an explosion, and was offered to assist the cops with the investigation. He gladly accepted it. 

“Hey Sam! It’s for you,” Officer Wayne greeted him on the crime scene and handed him a diary.

Sam turned its cover. The first page itself read,

 ‘This diary is a property of Sam Danes, if you’re not him; please keep it back where you found it.’ 

“I don’t know anything about it,” Sam spoke, terrified.

“I know that you are innocent, I read a few pages. He is the man you helped Japanese catch, El Nico. He escaped and is challenging you again,” Wayne assured him.

He showed Sam, the place where diary was found.  Sam found a ruined bottle of chemical inside the house and noted some dead bodies. One of the dead body was holding a drug package, on top of which ‘For Green Jaws’ was written.

“Wayne! Do you know anyone of them?” Sam enquired.

“All of them! They are local drug dealers,” Wayne answered, and then told Sam, everything he knew about each one of them.

“What about Green Jaws? Who among them is he?” Sam asked again.

“Hold your tongue Sam!” Wayne shouted fiercely.

“How can you compare a reputed army official to these petty drug dealers?” He continued angrily.

“That’s it! If you really think that he is innocent, then, I can think of only one possibility!” Sam proposed.

“Green Jaws duped them into a drug deal and killed them with the help of this chemical. We need to get this bottle tested,” He continued.

“And what about the diary?” Wayne questioned.

“El must have informed Green Jaws about this and being an army official, he readily agreed. Meanwhile, he would have thrown this diary as was requested,” Sam explained.

“This is not as simple as it seems.” Wayne expressed his doubt.

“It is. The only thing that worries me is El’s escape, which simply means that no one is safe now.” Sam replied.

“So, it’s just a warning that El Nico is back. Is it?” Wayne looked confused.

“I’ll guarantee that!” Sam replied.

All officers agreed to him and forensic experts were called for analyzing the evidences. A person who claimed to be the eye-witness of the whole episode was also called.

“I saw him! He was dressed in a robe just like the earlier one. He can’t be stopped, he is god! The God of death!” The witness spoke.

“He will kill you all! You are standing against god. You are dooming this world,” He continued, speaking like a schizophrenic.

“We all know who he is, El Nico, another maniac, just like you,” Sam mocked at him.

“Check him for any hallucinogen. I am sure that he has been drugged,” Sam spoke to no one in particular.

Returning home, Sam took out the diary. 

‘Sam, we are back fighting one another. You must not have forgotten me so easily. It is less than a year after I faked my death.  You saw that man, this is how crazy the world is about to get. If you wanna find more about me, then go and buy ‘Lanes Manor’ in the southeast part of the city. Darren will help you with the purchase and before that, be sure to visit the warehouse besides Darren’s house, you will find something of your interest there.’

“So, Darren is your man,” Sam muttered to himself.

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© 2017 Rishav K Singh. All rights reserved.

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  2. thaishin says:

    Thanks for liking my post. I read about the comments you made in your page “About me” about what a god means to you. I hope the true God of the universe finds you.

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    1. Rishav says:

      You’re welcome!


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    Hi Rishav, thanks for stopping by my thelittleredwagonblog and liking Curve Ball. I appreciate you and hope you will stop by again and check out some of my other posts! I will look at your site more when I get settled…soon 🙂 On the road….

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