The game has begun

The following day, Sam was woken up by a sharp knock at his door, assuming it to be his stalker; he took hold of his baseball bat, terrified. Another knock came and reluctantly Sam got up, shivering with fear.

“Hey Lisa!” He was surprised by his visitor who was already turning back to go. 

“I didn’t knew you slept this late. Anyways you can continue. I was going for my daily jog along the waterfront, so I thought I should meet you along the way. But seeing you, I am sure that you don’t wish to be woken up early,” Lisa said apologizing.
Sam hid his bat behind him.

“No Lisa! It’s nothing like that, I thought it was my landlord. Anyway come in, I’ll be ready in five minutes,” Sam lied and hurried towards his washroom. 

How did she came to know about his address? What game was El playing? Was he trying to scare him? Did he want him to leave this investigation? But, didn’t he challenge him himself? Confused Sam washed his pale face, trying to get over his fears.

“Nice! A typical nerd room, full of books lying here and there,” She remarked, as soon as he came back. 

“I am not a nerd!” Sam protested.

“Well! I see! If you were a nerd, I would have found your head dipped in a book, when I came here!” Lisa giggled.

“Oh! I just forgot! I have something for you,” Lisa turned back  and handed Sam a girlish locket.

“What is this?” Sam questioned, surprised at the gift.
“I don’t know! Someone gave it to me saying that it is related to you, somehow, and actually that is the main reason why I came here,” Lisa answered.

It must have been El, Sam thought, but why did he got Lisa and only Lisa involved in all this? He sure was playing an ugly game, involving everyone Sam knew in this city. Suddenly, he remembered something and began searching his shelf.
“I know how much you hate studying. Here, take this, it will help you revive your interest in studies. But, remember, keep it safe,” Sam handed her a notebook. 

Lisa felt like shouting at him after reading the title which Sam himself had written, ‘500 exciting things in physics’. But, realizing that he was the only friend she had, she resisted her temptation and accepted the gift gladly.

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  1. Alex says:

    Wow, incredible weblog format! How long have you been running a blog for? you made running a blog look easy. The entire look of your site is great, let alone the content!

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  2. You’re a very good writer. I’m enjoying your blog

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    1. Rishav says:

      Thank you, for the feedback!

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  3. Botendaddy says:

    Nice opening! It drew me in. Thanks for visiting my site, I’m looking forward to reading your work. Peace be the Botendaddy.

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  4. Jared says:

    Thank for sharing your passion for writing, storytelling and God!

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    1. Rishav says:

      You’re welcome!

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