Stuck in hostile lands

“Call Jo now! Where is he?” Sam shouted while packing his luggage.

Knock! Knock!
“Open the door!”
There was a knock at Sam’s hotel suite.   
“It’s Police!  Open the  door or we break in!”
“We  need to leave now!” Sam shouted.
“What about Jo! We Can’t leave him here! It’s your duty to save him!”
“Don’t worry! We will find him! We are not leaving without him. But, we have to evacuate this suite immediately. Two lives are more important than one.”
“Go! Go! Run!”  Sam commanded.
Matt smashed a suite window only to find SWAT teams securing the perimeter of whole hotel.
“No way! We can’t get out!” He sounded helpless.
“Think Matt, there must be a way out!”
His predator sharp eyes quickly found the answer, the fire mantle.
“Smoke duct! Matt! We can use smoke ducts to escape the room!”
Sam could clearly hear the sound of explosives beeping.
“Quick Matt! We haven’t got much time!”
“Almost done boss!” Matt replied, “ There are hooks and clamps all the way, which will make the climb very comfortable.”
He forced himself in the cramped space, which was surprisingly clean, like it has never been used before.
With a explosion, door was banged open.
“Sam Danes, We are here to arrest you! Please hand yourself without violence! No harm will be done to you or your friends if you are innocent!”
But Sam was nowhere to be found. He escaped.
“What is this fire place doing here?” One  of the cops looked surprised.
“I don’t know! It’s nowhere else! In none of other rooms!” The manager replied.
”You know what! I doubt your involvement in this conspiracy.”
“No! Please believe me, we ourselves don’t know when was this fire place constructed.”  
“I can’t understand, why would someone want to murder Prof. Reynard?  He was such a good man!”
“Yeah!  You are right!” SWAT members were gossiping, while the manager was tense.
SWAT  teams began moving through the fireplace.
“We need a backup on the terrace, send choppers!”  Commands were being fired amidst all this chaos.
“Can’t believe we are still alive! ” Matt was ecstatic, given  the fact that his life was saved despite the lowly odds.
“Not until we leave Spain!” Sam warned him.
“Hey! look there it’s a chopper! If we are lucky enough, it can be our ride to the port.”
Seeing it as his only chance they rushed towards it.
But, were surprised by  what was written on it, ‘A gift for Sam Danes’.
“Wow! You already told Wayne about all this! And he  even sent us help!” Sam was equally ecstatic.
They hopped into the chopper and were greeted by a female computerized voice, “Welcome! Master Sam! This ride will take you to Valencia seaport, where we have a yacht, waiting to escort you back to Nebraska. Put your seatbelts on! Thank you!”

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© 2017 Rishav K Singh. All rights reserved.

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  1. Eccentric Muse says:

    I am intrigued!

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    1. Rishav says:

      Hope you’re enjoying the ride!

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      1. Eccentric Muse says:

        I sure am!

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