An aged man rushes towards his spaceship. He yells at others to come over quickly while desperately trying the door. The gate unlocks, but he refuses to go in, instead he runs in the opposite direction, expecting someone. Few more footsteps are heard approaching. As the faces become conspicuous you can see seven teenagers rushing for their lives, two of them were deeply injured and blood was oozing out from their wounded legs. But, despite of that, they kept on moving, clinging to the shoulders of their helpful friends and dodging machine gun fire. Few army men were chasing them.

One more sniper shot is heard, followed by cry of a girl. The man rushes to help her and takes her in his arms.

“C’mon, run as fast as you can!” He shouts.

After a few minutes of the dash, they finally make it to the ship but not safely. The man had been shot in his right hand, there was a boy with wounded right leg and finally a girl with three deep wounds one each in both her legs and one in her back.

“Where is Lisa?” The old man shouts again.

“She fell into a ditch, and pleaded us to leave without her, and save our lives,” one of the girl replies.

“How could you all! How could you leave one of your friends dying to save your life? Definitely, I  failed in teaching you a lesson in humanity. My preaching goes in vain,” the old man lectures.

The firing continued, this time explosions taking place of gunshots. As terrified as they were, they sat together clinging to the aged man, who seemed to be iron nerved. Finally, an announcement was made by the spaceship computer, and a boom was heard, everything was quiet after that.

“Ellie, go and fetch first aid box, fast!” The man commands, taking advantage of peace.

As soon as his request was fulfilled, he starts treating his students ( you can tell it from their conversation). Once finished, he sighs in relief and sinks back to the floor attending his own wound, cleaning it roughly and finally dressing it. They barely had a minute to rest, when suddenly the ship shook and as they were not well seated (in fact, they were just lying on the floor), they were thrown back towards the gate, which was fortunately closed .

The ship took off , and with that everything went quiet again (at least for them). Gradually adapting to the circumstances, they looked at the computer screen. One of the most dreadful site they could ever imagine was being displayed there. A shockwave rose somewhere near their launch pad and sent waves of destruction past earth. They watched spellbound, as the destruction of their world came in episodes before them, destroying everything it came across. They knew for sure there was nothing that could evade this destruction but, they were lucky, for the mastermind of this havoc himself had come to their rescue. Unfortunately, even he was no more. If he had been here, things would have been much easier.

It was pretty funny to see, the skyscrapers collapsing step by step. First glass, then a bit of concrete, a bit more and finally whole architectural marvel was reduced to rubble. It was a great sight for these entertainment hungry teenagers. They might even be liking it, but for all others inhabiting the earth, plants and animals alike, it was the end, end of the life on so called ‘Living planet’. Whole biodiversity of this magnificent planet was reduced to dead remains, except for these eight. And even  they were escapists, leaving their mother earth when she needed them the most. They were not even worth of being called children of mother earth any more.

You might enjoy the thought of being left alone, doing whatever you can, choosing to live as gods rather than human beings. But, once given a chance, all the advantages seem obsolete and that was exactly the case with these eight souls. Having watched all of this havoc, they sank back to the floor thinking about the disaster that impounded them and how it began.



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© 2017 Rishav K Singh. All rights reserved.

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  1. Wow !!! It’s a great story, congratulations.

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    1. Rishav says:

      Thank you!

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