Mystery of the diary #2

Next day, after school, Sam decided to visit the warehouse again. Unlike the previous day, no scary voice was there to guide him. He went straight to the lever, and repeated whole procedure. He tried everything he came across the previous day, the locket, the diary and all the peculiar things that were written in it, as the password but all in vain. 

He took another look at the locket, photographs of two faces, most probably, a couple, where embedded inside. Both of them, Sam didn’t knew for sure.
What could be the password? Of course, El’s riddle weren’t easy to solve, but still, he had managed somehow. Now, he was clueless. Should he wait for more clues? Won’t that be too late? No, he couldn’t risk more lives. He had to think, right now.  
Luckily, Lisa flashed in his mind. El had already told him about that locket, but, why did he choose only Lisa to deliver it to him? Why did El say that this locket belonged to him? He had definitely no idea about that couple in the locket. Sam was confused again.
But, ‘Lisa Amane’, her name obviously could be the password. He should try it. There was no harm in one more try. Convinced by his thoughts, Sam returned back to input the password which was surprisingly correct.
“Now, there’s another character in El’s game, Miss Lisa Amane! Who, could she be?” Sam thought.
If El used her as the password and the means to deliver that locket, she, no doubt, is known to him. Not just known, he must be trusting her thoroughly. She must be something very important in El’s game.
“If I convince her to drop El and join me, he will definitely fail,” Sam’s thoughts raced again, “But, how? Why would she leave El for me? Because I am her only sane friend? I need to get close to her. And what if it is El’s plan, to misguide me? Anyways I don’t have other leads to follow.
After the password was entered, a video popped up on the screen, in which a pregnant woman was seen being irradiated, although she cried in pain. A man mocked her situation and claimed it as success of his experiments.
“What the hell is this? Such cruelty on a to-be-mother. I should have known that El was merely wasting my time. Who was that lady, she doesn’t resemble at all with the one in the locket. El made a fool out of me,” Sam muttered to himself, “Perhaps, the password itself is the lead. Lisa! She’s the only clue I got. I need to talk to her.”
Sam left immediately, frustrated by the fact that he fell into El’s trap yet again. While, on his way, someone threw another piece of paper in front of Sam.
‘It’s me, El, hope now you do understand how cruel the world you love is. Meanwhile, let me tell you that the lady was the mother of another Theos who is alive and very close to you. Come, join me, we will change the world together. And, if you still want to continue chasing me down, then I am leaving for Spain, let’s have some fun there.’



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