Second execution

“Check the surveillance cameras!” Sam ordered.

Matt nudged Sam, and signaled him to come over in a corner.
“Are you kidding me? Didn’t you yourself tell me to do all this?” Matt questioned suspiciously.
“Why will I tell you to do such a thing? To kill someone without a cause, and that too, when we came all the way from Nebraska just to ensure his security,” Sam asked demanding justification.
“Because he was not Prof Reynard. You yourself told me to escort him to a safe place, and bring this dead body from the mortuary,” Matt replied, totally confused.
“Why don’t I remember telling anything like that to you? And, even if what you’re telling is true, why would I tell you to bring in a dead body?” Sam asked.
“Even I asked you this question, when you told me to do so, but you convinced me that this was the only way to stop El, to break the sequences of his plot. His every murder is interlinked, and if he fails once, he will have to redraw his plan, giving us sufficient time to get hold of him and for that, he needed to be convinced that professor is dead,” Matt explained.
“Well! That sounds very much like me; maybe I am losing my mind. Anyways, that doesn’t matter now. If you’re telling the truth, then take me to the place I told you to hide Prof Reynard. We need to convince him to leave Spain immediately, if El finds him, he will definitely try to harm him again.”
They arrive at another luxurious hotel suite, following Matt’s directions. They knock repeatedly at the door but, no one answers. Stress marks began to appear on Matt’s forehead.
“Call the manager!” Sam commanded.
Sam talked with hotel authorities, and they opened up the suite after much negotiation.
“Professor! Professor Reynard!” Matt shouted, as soon as the door was opened.
This event may cost him his life, if professor was not found, he will be charged as a murderer. El must have kidnapped, or even murdered professor. Why did he followed Sam blindly? If he wouldn’t have followed Sam, he might have been safe. He should have thought more before doing all this. But, wasn’t he just following his senior’s order? There was no use of regretting now, he was in serious trouble, and his life hung by a fine thread. Matt rebuked himself.
“Search the whole suite, if not professor, we will at least find some evidence against El,” Matt came out of his reverie on hearing Sam’s voice.
Matt nudged Sam again, signaling him for a private talk.
“I know, I am in serious trouble. But, I was only following your orders, and you know that. In CCTV footage, local cops can clearly see me bringing a dead body inside the suite, and charge me with murder. Please save me! I am not a murderer,” Matt pleaded.
“We will have to leave Spain immediately, that’s the only way. We can’t continue our investigation here. Even if we continue our work here without you, the cops are going to charge us for supporting you, and we won’t be able to do anything. That is basically what El does every time, making me fall into a situation, so that I can’t find clues about him, ” Sam replied, feeling defeated yet again.



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