Gifts you don’t want

“No! It can’t be! Matt! Get out! This chopper belongs to El!”

Another chopper flew roaring past them.
“Cops! Chopper of cops! Sorry! I can’t leave, I don’t want to die!” Matt replied as his fingers quickly  moved through the controls.
The other chopper opened fire on them, and so did the SWAT team, which had arrived by then. Even before it could lift off the ground, flames were ablaze from it’s tail rotor.
“Go! Go! Up you go!” Matt shouted, situation changing to critical quickly.
They hardly flew a few blocks away, when they had to disembark their ride. But, they safely landed on a rooftop while the chopper went crashing on a street.
“Good, at least cops won’t come this way. We have to reach Valencia somehow! Then we will take up El’s yacht to Nebraska, ” Sam, was planning an escape route.
“How can you be so sure that the chopper belonged to El? That El is trying to save you instead of Wayne!” Matt was clearly puzzled.
“Wayne can’t afford all that, that too here, in Spain, so easily, He doesn’t even know, what we’re going through!”
“But, why only El, doesn’t he want you dead?”
“No! He wants me to chase him, cause it’s fun! He never intended to hurt me. And about the chopper, I’ve been  with him in  it before.”
“What? And may I ask why?”
“You will get to know about it, with time!” Sam replied, not willing to disclose his secrets.
“Let’s plan the way out, they won’t take long to find us!”
Before they could plan anything, already a chopper was spotlighting them. Soon, sirens of cop cars  were  echoing through  the street.
“Quick, take cover, move inside!” Sam shouted as  the chopper begin firing.
Meanwhile, the manager of the hotel, Sam was in, was being questioned by the Spanish authorities.
“I completely understand sir!  Your request is totally legitimate, but we ourselves don’t know about it! We don’t provide fireplaces in any of the  suites!  It seems they  carved it out themselves!”  Manager replied, when cops asked about the matter.
“You mean someone installs a fireplace in your hotel suite and you don’t know when and how he did it?
“I am really sorry sir! But, I am totally ignorant about this matter!
“We have to take you in, meanwhile this hotel will remain  closed for our investigation” One of the cops cuffed him.
Ring.. ring…
A message popped up on Sam’s phone!
‘Don’t worry, your ride is coming’
Very next moment, they heard a explosion, followed by sounds of a helicopter going haywire and a hunter helicopter landed on their rooftop.
“Take control of the machine gun and missiles, we will need them now!” Voice command came from the cockpit as soon as they got inside the aircraft.
They finally lift off the ground only to be followed by Bazookas and machine gun fire.
” Use flares! ” Pilot commanded again.
“Got it!” Sam replied launching flares to evade bazookas.
But, more trouble was waiting for them as two fighter jets went screaming past them.
“No! Not them!” Sam was freaked out by all this.



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© 2017 Rishav K Singh. All rights reserved.

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