The aerial duel

Sam was scared, there was no way, there chopper stood a chance against these fighter jets. 

“We have been marked by guided missiles. Launch flares immediately.”
But, they could  do nothing to contain the machine gunfire.
“Fire! Fire at them, it’s our only hope! We can’t dodge them for long!” Pilot was constantly instructing Sam and Matt.
“Matt! Take control of the machine gun! I’ll charge missiles and flares!”
Matt began firing at the hostiles as soon as they came in range, discouraging them to fire.
” Missile lock! Launch flares now! “
“It’s the last of  them! God save us now!” Sam was losing his mind.
“Hold on Sam! We have covered half the distance to Valencia!”
“Oh! That’s great! But, I don’t find this info, very motivating!”
Sam answered sarcastically.
“Will you believe it! It seems God has heard you!” The Captain exclaimed as a huge spaceship went wheezing past.
“What is this? ” Sam was surprised.
“El’s new ride!”
“Whoa! He himself came for you! I can’t believe it” Matt was beginning to doubt Sam, but he knew it was the only way to save himself.
“Another missile lock!”
But, before some response could be made El’s  aircraft zoomed past them, and a laser pulse destroyed one of their opponents.
Soon after another pulse  struck, followed by grounding of  the remaining jet.
“Whoa! it seems we are safe now!” Matt was back to his cheerful ways.

“Yeah! We are safe! Let’s calm ourselves down with some wine!” Matt was overjoyed, and played with the bottle as if he was a kid.

“Give one to me too! I can’t take all this stress anymore” Sam finally relaxed a bit, while the pilot could only smile a
Within few more minutes, their chopper landed  safely on a yacht, and they were off to safer lands of Nebraska.
“Guys, here has been a change of plan. We will go first by seaway to Marseille, then take El’s  private plane, directly to Nebraska,” Captain informed  Sam.
“That’s fine with me!”  All Sam wanted was to save his life.
And same was the case for Matt, but he was also worried about his friend Jo.
“What about Jo? We can’t leave him here, in Spain to die!”
“Don’t worry about him.  We, will do anything to save him, but, for that, we must save ourselves. Wayne will definitely find a way. Right now, we must concentrate on our safety.” Sam, as usual remained devoid of emotions.
Uneventfully they arrived in Marseilles, only to be intercepted by  French Cops!



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