Events in France

Sam couldn’t believe his bad luck!

He just escaped from Spain and now, the French cops were after him!

No! That can’t be! He trusted El, he would not do this to him, Even though they were enemies now, they were friends once. But, then,did French made a fool out of El? It was an even rarer possibility. Sam was devastated, for losing after, you’re assured of your safety, hurts even more.

His hopes of survival, suffered another blow as he looked back, El was gone with his spaceship and yacht, leaving him and Matt on their own. El betrayed him!

“Sir!  Come with us! We need you to see something!” Cops greeted Sam warmly, unlike what he expected.
“Oh! Sure!” Sam lowered his hands which were already up as if  following a reflex.
“Yeah! Sure!” Even Matt felt relieved.
Sam followed them to their headquarters.

“We have this video, we need you to watch,” One of the cops demanded Sam.

“Sure! But why?”

“We want to clear our doubts about your association with El.”

“I’m sure you’re mistaken!”

“We’ll see that!”

They played a video, in which, Sam was interrogating El, along with some Japanese cops.

“El was caught once by Japanese, and I interrogated him there,” Sam tried to explain.

“That we already know! The question is about his escape? Japanese can’t be so lenient with a criminal like him. Can they?”

“You mean, I befooled them and helped El escape? After helping them for months, catching him?”

“It seems like that only! He can’t get out of there without someone’s help. And among all these people, you were the one, most sympathetic to El. Isn’t it? I even heard that, El wasn’t killed at the very site of his arrest, just because of you!”

“He surrendered and therefore only Judiciary had the power to punish him. We can’t devoid someone of their rights, just because he or she is believed to be a criminal!”

“And what if he were a monster? Or a demon? Well! Leave it! There’s no point debating over this topic! Just tell me about his escape from the prison and your role in it!”

“Well! All I remember is him punching me in the face and I blacked out.”

“What were other cops doing at the moment?”

“I was alone with him!”

“And you didn’t even care to cuff his hands?”

“C’mon Sam! We are not fools! We don’t want to hurt you and somewhere inside me, I get a feeling that you are innocent. But, I can’t do anything unless you speak up.”

“He told me himself that El was his old friend, and what’s more, El came all the way to Spain, just to save him,” Even Matt was beginning to doubt Sam.

“How will you account fo……r…  thi….?” Matt fell down, losing control of his senses.

“Matt! Matt!”

“What’s the matter? Matt! You….. okay..?” Sam suffered the same fate.

“Take them to hospital! Quick!”



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