Events in France #2

“NO!” Sam shouted as an image depicting hundreds of rotting dead bodies, with more being dumped there, flashed in his mind.

He looked around, only to realise that he was in a dream.

All those life supporting machines around him, gave him a clear idea that he was in a hospital. But, he couldn’t remember anything about how he got there. What surprised him the most was the fact that his ankles were cuffed to the bed. Too weak to struggle against his restraints, he tried to go through recent events, but the picture El showed him, kept on flashing in his mind.

“Sir! The reports are out, there were few anomalies, it seems they both have been sedated with some unknown drug!”

“How is it even possible? They were here! Right in front of us, for an hour or so! And what about this unknown drug?”

“We don’t know for sure! But, it seems like some derivative of benzodiazepine.”

“Is there any chance, they were drugged before coming here?”

“It’s unlikely! No drug will take so much time in producing its effects.”

“Doctor! Sam has regained consciousness!”

“Good! Now, we can continue our interrogation!”

“Let him relax a bit, his health is too critical! Maybe you could question him later!” The doctor tried to stop the cops.

“C’mon, there’s nothing serious, he has only been drugged.”

“He’ll take time in getting over the aftereffects!”

“How long?”

“Just a day or two!”

“ Hmmm… we can consider your request!”

“ Make sure no one is allowed inside, without direct permission from me,” A senior female officer commanded.

“Hey Sam! How’re you doing?”

“I can’t remember how I got in here, and it seems like my head is spinning.”

“It’s okay! Just relax! You will get well soon!”

“Can you please tell me what happened? And why are my ankles cuffed?”

“So that you can’t escape!”


“Relax dear! You’ll get to know everything, but, now, you’re too weak to take any stress.”

“Here, this will help you with your headache!” The attendant handed him a pill and a glass of water.

“Good! Now relax!” She said as the Sam took the medication.



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