Review: Poetry by a fifth grader


You  chose  to  be  a  warrior,

So,  you  gotta  fight,

Restrain  the  evils  within,

With  all  your  might,

You  gotta  be  strong,

There’s  no  place,  for  fear,  or  fright,

Be  confident,  and  face  it, Trust  me,

Everything’s  gonna  be  alright.

It’s  not  that,  you  won’t  face  troubles,

But,  I  know  you  can,  pop  them,  like  bubbles,

They  won’t  come  alone,  but, organized ,  in  a  vast  array,

Be  prepared,  cause,  you’re  cruising  down,  the  warrior’s  way.

Remember,  no one  cares,  what  you  were, They  only  care  what  you  are,  what  you,  would  be,

What  matters  is,  what  you  become,

Not  what,  you  could  be.

So,  rise,  oh  great  knight!

Let’s  end  this,  long  dark  night!

Do  it  for  your  people,  for  they  need  a  hero,

Give  them  a  reason to  live, And  they  will  glorify your  death,

Not  only,  will  they  forgive  you, But,  you’ll  be hailed,  

                 By  generations, You’ll  be  their  hope,  their  faith. 

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Poetry by a fifth grader


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  1. That was some incredibly inspiring piece… Hats off!!
    I am a new blogger … Please check mine and feel free to follow back.

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  2. jasieweb says:

    cool! keep it up!

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  3. Hello Rishav, I bought your book on Kindle and I want to tell you I like the way you capture the innocence and naivete of the fifth grade mind. You should consider writing from the perspective of other ages, it would make a wonderful and creative series of books. Thanks for stopping at my site and liking some of the things I have posted. ~Ron

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  4. Laura Bennet says:

    Thank you for checking out my blog! I’m glad you like my post Remembering the Miracles of the past. I love the line in this poem about popping our troubles like bubbles. Such a great picture and something helpful to me right now. I wish you the very best on your writing and in your life. God has great plans for us!

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    1. Rishav says:

      You’re welcome Laura!

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      1. Laura Bennet says:

        I’ve shared your troubles popping like bubbles analogy a couple of times this week! Thanks!

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  5. Anita Bacha says:

    Like πŸ‘ŒπŸ’•

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      1. Anita Bacha says:

        You’re welcome Rishav! Hope your book is doing well πŸ‘Œ

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  6. “Give them a reason to live, And they will glorify your death.” I be like WOW! Speak the Truth.

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    1. Rishav says:

      Thank you! Hope you enjoyed the poem! For reading similar poem by me, buy my book:

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  7. caramelmelts says:

    It definitely piques my interest. Good, moving writing! World definitely needs more of it. πŸ™‚

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    1. Rishav says:

      Thank you! You can buy my book on Amazon containing all my poems:

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  8. Very nice poem. Cool blog too πŸ™‚

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  9. Joanne says:

    Nice poem you have there! Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

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  10. Celestial says:

    This is great! Love the title of your collection too!

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  11. bgilbert51 says:

    Love the poem
    Thanks for sharing

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    1. Rishav says:

      Buy my book to read more poems like this!


  12. Nice poem, dear friend – yes the worlds needs a change and conscious people
    to make the world better πŸ™‚

    All the best

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