I’m back!!!


It’s been a long time like say almost 3 years since my last post!!

Actually I started this blog to cope up with my stress while I was preparing for the med school. But once I got there it got even worse!! I didn’t have time to be active here or leave alone the idea of actually writing a post!!

But, given the current situation the world is in today, all this virus scare and all, and all the universities shut, I guess I’ve got enough time to revive this blog. Needless to say, I’m in a situation similar to where I was before! Yes! I’m feeling a little depressed once again. I need an escape!

Then there is this guy who followed me yesterday! Even though I haven’t been posting anything at all for past 3 years!! Can you imagine?? Thank you dear, for reminding me about this wonderful place I used to have!

When I read the mail (coincidentally, I usually don’t read mails in update section), I was like wow! Finally time to get back to the community that already saved me once!! How could I have forgotten about all my lovely 1k+ strong family??

I’d like to apologise to y’all and promise I’ll stay this time! No matter what!!

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