Cosmos: A digital painting.

Hi guys! How are you??

Never mind! I know the answer, perhaps you too are bored like me, just waiting for this virus scare to end. For the day, when the world finally opens up and we can set our foot outside, enjoy walks on the waterfronts, go shopping all evening and maybe then eat at our favourite restaurants!

Come back to the present moment!! How many of you forgot that it’s Sunday?? The day we waited for every week! But now, it feels as if it’s just another boring day! Hopefully you are spending most of your time scrolling through your social feed, watching Netflix or YouTube!!

Yes! YouTube! That reminds me, why I started writing this post lol!

I have started a channel on YouTube where I post stuff I paint on my iPad!! I also add some tutorial text, so can visitors can try their hands at some themselves!! Also if you’re watching the video please use a headphone cause the music is amazing!!!

I’m also dropping link to one of my videos, if you guys want to check it out!

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