Into the void

Hi guys!

Did you ever have this feeling that something is pulling you down?? No matter how hard you try to smile, no matter how firm your resolve is to remain happy, there is this thing that keeps dragging you into a pit of sadness, anxiety and what not!

The result?? You fall into a vicious cycle of self-doubt, failures and more doubt. Your life takes a downward spiral and you find no one to blame, but you!

Have you ever tried to find the real culprit??

More often than not, ‘this thing’ I mentioned about are your own thoughts and feelings for others! You can’t expect yourself to be happy when you’re jealous of someone else’s smile! You cannot succeed, if all you think about is failures!!

Now, just to paint this idea inside your mind, here’s a little video trying to depict a person falling into void of his own emotions and eventually this void destroys his very existence!!

Recently I read a book, in which the author’s main focus was on strength of our thoughts and imagery. He went on in detail about people who succeeded, just by negating thoughts of failure and striving confidently on their path of success. You can change your life today, fill your mind with positive thoughts, thoughts of happiness! And you’ll see depression running away!!!

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