Events in France #2

“NO!” Sam shouted as an image depicting hundreds of rotting dead bodies, with more being dumped there, flashed in his mind. He looked around, only to realise that he was in a dream. All those life supporting machines around him, gave him a clear idea that he was in a hospital. But, he couldn’t remember […]

Reveries from the past

“What do you want El?” “Peace! It’s is all I want! I just want to stop all this!” “You can’t go on killing people on one hand, and expect them to excuse you! Can you?” “You’re mistaken, my friend! Giving up is not my way of earning peace.” “Then how do you expect to get […]

Events in France

Sam couldn’t believe his bad luck! He just escaped from Spain and now, the French cops were after him! No! That can’t be! He trusted El, he would not do this to him, Even though they were enemies now, they were friends once. But, then,did French made a fool out of El? It was an […]

The aerial duel

Sam was scared, there was no way, there chopper stood a chance against these fighter jets.  “We have been marked by guided missiles. Launch flares immediately.”But, they could  do nothing to contain the machine gunfire.“Fire! Fire at them, it’s our only hope! We can’t dodge them for long!” Pilot was constantly instructing Sam and Matt.“Matt! […]

Murder in Spain

Sam turned on his laptop, as soon as he reached home. He searched for the details of ‘Project Theos’ but he could find only one thing that this ambitious project never surfaced, because many of the world’s superpowers were against it. But, the lead proponent of this project, a man whose identity was never confirmed,…

Gifts you don’t want

“No! It can’t be! Matt! Get out! This chopper belongs to El!” Another chopper flew roaring past them.“Cops! Chopper of cops! Sorry! I can’t leave, I don’t want to die!” Matt replied as his fingers quickly  moved through the controls. The other chopper opened fire on them, and so did the SWAT team, which had […]

Stuck in hostile lands

​“Call Jo now! Where is he?” Sam shouted while packing his luggage. Knock! Knock!“Open the door!”There was a knock at Sam’s hotel suite.    “It’s Police!  Open the  door or we break in!” “We  need to leave now!” Sam shouted. “What about Jo! We Can’t leave him here! It’s your duty to save him!”“Don’t worry! […]

Second execution

“Check the surveillance cameras!” Sam ordered. Matt nudged Sam, and signaled him to come over in a corner.“Are you kidding me? Didn’t you yourself tell me to do all this?” Matt questioned suspiciously.“Why will I tell you to do such a thing? To kill someone without a cause, and that too, when we came all…

Mystery of the diary #2

Next day, after school, Sam decided to visit the warehouse again. Unlike the previous day, no scary voice was there to guide him. He went straight to the lever, and repeated whole procedure. He tried everything he came across the previous day, the locket, the diary and all the peculiar things that were written in…

The game has begun

The following day, Sam was woken up by a sharp knock at his door, assuming it to be his stalker; he took hold of his baseball bat, terrified. Another knock came and reluctantly Sam got up, shivering with fear. “Hey Lisa!” He was surprised by his visitor who was already turning back to go.  “I…