Project Theós

  1. ProloguePrologue
  2. Stranger in LincolnStranger in Lincoln
  3. A friend who never wasA friend who never was
  4. The entrance testThe entrance test
  5. The first day at schoolFirst day at school
  6. No virtues, just pretenseNo virtues, just pretense
  7. The expression for the futureThe expression for the future
  8. The execution beginsExecution begins
  9. The god of deathThe god of death
  10. The mystery of the diaryThe mystery of the diary
  11. The game has begun The game has begun
  12. Mystery of the diary #2Mystery of the diary 2
  13. Murder in spainMurder in Spain
  14. Second executionThe second execution
  15. Stuck in hostile landsStuck in hostile lands
  16. Gifts you don’t wantGifts you don't want
  17. The aerial duel