A friend who never was

He doubted that his passenger might be a terrorist, planning to bomb this school, terrorizing young minds. Was he helping an anarchist? No! He couldn’t get so mean for money. But, if that was the truth, why would he visit the Police headquarters? For questioning? No! No! A man under suspicion would never attempt another crime. Perhaps, he truly was an investigator, But, a 15 year old investigator! How could it be possible? Certainly, one of his relatives must have been a cop and that’s why he got interested in investigations at such a young age.

Finally settling at a conclusion, cabbie paid attention on the path and found that he had been driving wrong way, for quite some time.

He began to turn around.

“What’s the matter?” Enquired the stranger, frustrated at the lengthy ride.

“We will have to turn around. There’s police blockade ahead.” Cabbie replied, covering up his mistake.

“Oh! I can handle that.” the stranger replied.

“Of course, you can, but I am afraid that…” Cabbie mumbled, trembling with fear.

“You do have your driving license. Don’t you?”  Questioned the stranger suspiciously.

“Yes! Sir! I do have a license, only I forgot to get it renewed,” cabbie replied, anticipating to be scolded.

“So, you are wasting my time, because of your mistake. But, it doesn’t matter, as long as you manage to find me a good accommodation,” the stranger assured him.

“Be sure about that Sir! It is a very good place to move in,” cabbie replied, regaining his confidence.

After an hour and a half, they finally arrived at their destination. The stranger didn’t had to say a word, cabbie got everything done, owing to his newfound confidence in his passenger. He came back and demanded his fare for all the errands he had done for him.

“ I have got everything ready for you, Sir! That will be $80 per week for this room, Sir! And I will charge you $400 for everything I did for you. Let me make my demand more reasonable, I have paid two weeks advance in order to secure this place for you. My meter reads…”, he  fired these words quickly at him.

“Hey buddy!” The stranger interrupted, “Calm down! Here’s your money plus another $100 as reward for your services. Did I not promise you to give whatever you demand. Meanwhile you have been pretty helpful and the only friend I have in this town. Can you please give me your contact number so that I can give you call, whenever I need you. I am alone in this city, you understand that, don’t you?”

“Of course Sir! It has been a pleasure meeting you,” he replied, regaining his cheerful ways, and bid the stranger goodbye.

“By the way you might prefer calling me Sam,” the stranger said cheekily.

“Name is Darren,” the cabbie replied, being equally cheerful.

He heard the door bang shut before him. But, without doubting, he went away, pleased at his fortune today. In fact, he didn’t want to doubt a person who has made his day. He had never made so much money, even in his best days. The fact that, Sam was not afraid of Cops, confirmed that he wasn’t some anti-social criminal, but a good citizen, there was no place for a doubt here.

Although, he had wasted Sam’s time, driving him through unnecessary streets, making his fair to soar, but, he didn’t complain, on the other hand, rewarded him. He felt as if he had betrayed a friend, a good man. He felt ashamed of himself, but gradually, fantasies of being a warm pocketed man in Lincoln overcame his mind and he headed for a pub. It was his day, perhaps the first day, he could truly enjoy after adopting this profession.


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© 2017 Rishav K Singh. All rights reserved.

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